Get Political for A Cause You Are Passionate About

Wake Up and Get Political For A Cause You Are Passionate About

Why is the general population so afraid to get involved politically?  Are you afraid of backlash?  Are you afraid that maybe someone won't agree with you, and their comments are going to rock your boat?  Are you afraid of this so called "negativity" people talk about?  Or are you one of those believers that thinks that if I only stay in the Zen moment and think happy thoughts, then life will somehow miraculously change for the better?

We latch on to religion or spirituality when we are overwhelmed; when we can't seem to tolerate the world anymore.  Perhaps, someone close to you died--a spouse, a child, a mother, or a very good friend.  War is another factor to why people latch onto religion or look for a divine power.  People want to know and want to believe that there is something out there that is greater than the mess here on earth, and, honestly, rightfully so.  I went through this myself.

But spiritual awakening is not about sitting in that calm, zen moment and staying there, or gluing a plastic happy smile on your face and losing touch with reality.  Once you become awakened (if that is what you would like to call it), you are now more aware of the world's / people's needs and issues.  This is where you need to get out there and focus on some sort of a cause.  Whatever that may look like.  And guess what, these causes get political!  There is no way to work on a cause without getting political because that is where all change lies.  Politics gets tough; sometimes you feel like you're getting the life squeezed out of you; and it is emotionally draining at times; but that is not what we focus on.

I tell you, Facebook can drive me wild sometimes.  We have so many people out there that are afraid to make a strong point because someone won't like what they say in the comment box.  They'll even say "I don't want to get political" showing endless amounts of cat and dog photos and videos (or photos of their dinner!).  I like these pic's and reels, too, at times, because they make me smile and laugh, but come on, let's do something productive to make some amazing change in the world.

When you wake up from the darkness or you see light or you are cleansed or conscious (there are many ways to describe this awakening process), this is the moment when action must be taken, voices need to be scripted, and perseverance and tenacity needs to be on your back burner at all times.  Sure, show those kitty and puppy photos (and your dinner if you have to once in a while), but also show what is really happening in the world so we can all gain some awareness and perspective on what is "important."

I see many more PETA protests than I see humanity injustice protests.  I see way too many "get rich programs" than I see boycotting psychopaths such as Nestle that is sucking the water reservoirs dry in California (and getting water for pennies here in B.C.).  There is a bit of an imbalance here.  Let's uncover the messes that many so like to deny and hide.  I mean, get this, water will soon be a privilege not a right!!!  Collecting rainwater in your back yard is illegal (or limited in areas!).  Child abuse, sexual assault, sex trafficking, genocides, or LGBT rights, for example, are not talked about enough.  No one wants to get stressed or inconveniences, but change and awareness is about being inconvenienced.  It gets the blood boiling, and this is what creates action.  How did you first become awakened?  I'm thinking something huge happened, and you weren't sitting in a lounge chair contemplating things.

Individualism is good, happiness is good, Zen moments are great, but without freedom in society, without justice for humanity, and without a healthy and safe planet to live on, none of these values will matter!

Wake Up to Live; make a point in the world; create a cause; make a footprint for others to follow.  When will you take action for a greater cause beyond your individual self?  If not now, when? 

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