Mental Health During Uncertain Times

Life is scary in uncertain times. People can begin feeling disoriented or dazed. They may have feelings of identity loss. Painful emotions may rise like anger and fear, but also feelings of tension, hostility towards individuals or groups, and fragmentation of self may persist. People may also engage in heightened political behavior or conspiracy theories out of fear. People may feel exhausted or overwhelmed. Anxiety my arise from current situations or from past unresolved issues.

Touch Heals

At the same time, some people may become more creative, have heightened energy, or enhance their personal development. Everyone functions differently. However, one thing is certain, because we are having to physically distance ourselves from others, health experts recognize that this is not a natural way of being. When we distance ourselves from others that we love, we begin to lose our connectedness. We may even feel symptoms like stomach aches, fatigue, headaches, or apathy and depression. We can definitely try to adapt with technology and that certainly helps, but when we lose "touch" - an aspect that comforts and heals us - it affects our health mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Reach Out and Connect

In times such as these, we have to learn how to adapt and respond in the face of the continued consequences that are rising. So it's important to stay connected. If you don't have family, perhaps a neighbor. Yesterday, as I walked my two labs, I came across people that were reaching out. They were working in their yards or waiting in an outdoor line up to get into a garden shop. I could see that they wanted to connect - they made an effort to make eye contact, they smiled, and they made short conversation. Certainly, I'd seen many turn their heads away, put their heads down, and make an effort to stay away not only physically distancing but socially distancing themselves. Yet there were many that longed to connect; I embraced them because I needed it.


Take care of your mental health. Make eye contact; it will warm your heart. Take out a coloring book; it will bring the kid out in you. Bake a pie or some cookies; it will get you to feel the cozies. Start an online business, if you've got the energy; it will bring out the hidden entrepreneur in you. Read a book that's not in your niche; it may create a new perspective. Bring out the builder in you by crafting a shelf; it'll make you feel productive or organized. Start sketching; your imagination may take you to new places that you've never discovered before. 

Let's Connect!

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