Awareness Without Trying To Change Things

Awareness Without Trying To Change Things
Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

When you take care of your Self by keeping in touch with your Inner Power your body and mind begin to take care of themselves naturally. There is no longer anything to fix or change to make things better. The mind begins to heal and the body begins to restore itself.

What are your beliefs around this subject matter? Do you take care of your self more on the physical plain or exterior perspective, hoping that this way will give you the joy and fulfillment you yearn for? Or "can your superficial mind be so alert during the day that it is aware of the unconscious motives, the glimpses of things that are hidden, without trying to suppress them, change them, or do something about them?" (J. Krishnamurati).

I believe our minds are so occupied during the day with our job, the economy, children, lovers, money, errands, neighbors, quarrels, grudges, urges, the past and the future, and many other things, which 'some' are necessary to function in this world, but where's the limit? And, while we are completely occupied with them all, we are thinking of ways "to suppress them, change them, or do something about them." We are in a constant state of pushing or resisting. A constant up-stream flow that creates dis-ease and dis-harmony. When do we finally unplug the circuit to this physical life and get connected with our life force that gives us breadth, that gives us freedom, and that gives us the joy of spontaneity?

Freedom will only come by being 'in touch' from within. By being 'aware' of various thoughts and motives that arise, and viewing them without judgment, criticism, and condemnation, we become free of all conditioning. When we are aware, our mind is in a state of quiet, all day, on and off, we are no longer pushing or resisting. The past is being shed. There is no longer a struggle. By being free, the mind is capable of penetrating deeper finding a newness, and the unlimited.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh


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