Life Needs to Be Expressed Not Mimicked

Express Yourself

How many things are you afraid of? We are so afraid of failure, that we are not even close to success. We are so afraid of death, that we are not even living. We have been conditioned to believe that when we don't do things the so called right way, we are considered a failure. Who's perception is this? What memory are we keeping alive? What belief is holding us back? This perception comes from others telling us that we are failures, and us believing it to be true. And when fear grips us, we are no longer sure about anything. We are confused and stagnant. We can no longer relate to peace.

How much is your daily agenda tied to this illusive fear force and how much is tied to the God force? Life comes with no fear. Everything else is an add on, like the things you have collected and gathered over time. This collection and gathering of things, whether it may be knowledge, education, social conditioning, etc, does not represent the true statement of existence. All of these things are not yours, so why are you holding onto them? Don't get caught up in the dreams and nightmares of this time and space reality.

Life is about allowing and acceptance. It is not about controlling it. Your instrument needs to be played. This breath needs to flow. This is its nature. Just as a lily in the field grows without toiling. Life is not about where you want to be, it is about where you are right now.

Therefore, ask yourself, are you expressing, or are you mimicking?

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  2. Tricky to answer your questio- on reflection I think I am tackling life full on - of course I have fears but the need for the excitement and buzz of life wins in the end -- I think!

  3. We feel very pleased you could come to our blog.
    Your encouragement is so kind!
    Let's keep in touch!Welcome to our blog usually.Look forward to further communicating with you.Bless you forever.

  4. Excellent post Desiree... I will pay closer attention to the things that seem to be on "auto-pilot" in my life to see if they are truly things I want out of my life.

  5. Hi Desiree,

    I'm a brazilian woman,and a spiritual teacher.I learn a energy spiritual in religious of Brazil.
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    Light and good luk !



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