Energy Expressed

"Energy needs work, otherwise the energy will become restlessness. Energy needs expression, energy needs to be creative. Otherwise the same energy, coiled up within you, will become diseased, an illness." ~Osho.

There is a difference between action and activity, as Osho states in his book, Creativity: Unleashing the Force Within. We keep ourselves sooo busy with activity that when spirit calls upon us to act, we are too tired from constantly running away from our energy source through the activity we do. We are too goal-oriented. The goal is always somewhere else to be achieved. Somehow this goal, this thing has to be done and we have to reach to the goal, and only then will we be able to relax. But with this attitude the goal is never reached, because the energy goes on changing every moment into something else, into the future. The goal always remains on the horizon. You go on running but the distance remains the same.

Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not. Enjoy this very moment, the Power of the Presence of awareness. As Tilopa states, "Do nought with the body but relax." And what does this mean? It is a state where your energy is not moving --not to the future and not to the past. It is simply there with you. Time stops--this moment is all. You simply enjoy it and realize everything is extraordinary. And this is where you have power. And this is where spirit arises. Only until you slow down is when you will hear the voice of spirit talk to you, and know your action for your highest good. Your energy will then be expressed!

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  1. Hi. I'm paying a visit to your blog and saying thank you for following mine. I like your topics here. It's so very good to put out things of this level into the world. It needs it, and I do believe it multiplies. I will be an ordained Interfaith minister in June... I see we have things in common! :-)

  2. Thanks for following too. Congratulations on your great accomplishment soon to be an ordained interfaith minister. I actually wrote up a book review for a Tarcher/Penguin on a book by Laura Berman Fortgang, an ordained interfaith minister and life coach, which I posted on my blog under "Searching for Meaning" (April 16). A fabulous book if your interested. I loved it!


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