Dancing In the Kitchen

Well, it's been another busy week. I have been intently concentrating on reading, a ton of writing and my coaching calls. When I put a lot of time in during the week for what I want to accomplish, I make sure I take at least one day to let loose and have fun. And so I did yesterday. Saturday was a day for the errands I can't get done during the week. Even with these 'must do' errands, I made an intention to really enjoy my time shopping, unpacking the parcels and preparing dinner. Rather than rush through the preparation quickly moving to the so called down time afterwords, I made unpacking my parcels and preparing dinner my down time. Instead of being in the hurry, hurry, let's get to the next step mode, I was in a relaxed state doing the chores that could even be regarded as tedious.

After shopping with the crowds, when I got home, I unpacked the parcels of groceries and such, and turned the radio on. I took a big, deep breath and started the process. Chopping knife in hand I began cutting up the veggies and tossing them into the large ceramic bowl. I was looking forward to the long awaited greek salad that was tickling my taste buds. I was really enjoying this process and my relaxed state. Then Billy Idol's White Wedding came on. I cranked up the music and began dancing, bee bopping around the kitchen. I had a blast. I have no idea what the words are to this song, but the music got my energy pumped. I loved it!

I didn't go anywhere exotic, I didn't change my scenery, but what I did do is change the way I wanted to feel in the process of doing chores that had to be done. And, with that small, yet potently powerful intention, I had FUN! And what happens when you feel good? You allow your desires to flow to you with ease.

I'll let you know what transpires next time.

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