Broken Promises

Broken Promises
by Desiree Leigh, Wake Up to Live
When we go to the 'source' of unworkability, there is a broken promise or agreement with either yourself or others. Many of us try to avoid the consequences or the potential conflict that may arise in the situation if we deal with it in a straight fashion - if we face it.

When we don't deal with the broken promises or agreements, we begin to strip away our integrity. We become dead or numb, not only to ourselves but to the world. We slide into a fog and overwhelm.

Are you living with integrity from the heart? To reclaim your power, stop stepping over the things that create that chatter in your head. The mind frick that won't go away.

Be authentic and be real with yourself. Begin instilling a new, positive and powerful habit to restore your divinity. With all this mind chatter, we cannot hear the still, small voice from within. Do the work, and you will go from confusion or a deadness to clarity, peace, and freedom.

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