Monday, February 15, 2010

Building a Strong Foundation

Building a Strong Foundation
by Desiree Leigh, Wake Up to Live
What happens when you create on top of a mess? More of a mess. Perhaps for a little while things will go according to your desires, or so it seems, then one day the original mess reappears.

Doesn't this seem to occur to many of us, especially in our middle ages? We go along in life thinking everything is fine, denying the messes that we created in our lives, pursuing our 'so-called' dreams and goals and then one day something brings us to a complete halt! We have a nervous break-down, chronic fatigue sets in, arthritis or digestive problems begin, we have an affair, we get a divorce, past issues continue to bombard us, we drink more, whatever the case may be, we begin to think, "Is this all life has to offer?"

What happens when you build on top of a foundation that lacks integrity? The building collapses. This is really a no-brainer when you think about it. Why do we build strong foundations for architectural design knowing that it works? For stability, so when it is compromised by a hurricane or some other natural force, we can depend on its strength.

And yet when it comes to building a strong foundation, from the bottom up, in our lives, we over-look it, we compromise it right from the beginning, so when life gets difficult or throws us a hot potato, we panic, throw it back to someone else or stuff it into our shoes. Can you imagine if we compromised the buildings in the cities we build? It would be devastating and horrific! So why are we, as humans, any different?

You cannot create or build on top of a mess. Structurally, the building will collapse. This also holds true for humans - structurally our body's will collapse.

Create a sound mind. If you are being driven by limiting beliefs, past experiences, recurring thoughts, or logic, as well as the world of agreement and reasonableness, the first thing to do is just begin noticing what is floating through your mind and what is triggering your behaviour. Stepping back and being the observer creates awareness and then it creates the power of choice. Peace of mind is not created from a memory or the external world you live in. It is created from within.

Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

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