Invent a New Future for Yourself

When you operate from the level of your distorted ego - that chatter that goes on in your head - those recurring rampages of thought, you make choices based from your past. Your future is already written. There is no creating possibilities or access to inventing anything NEW.

As Zaffron and Logan state in their book The Three Laws of Performance, you are living into a default future "written by history, circumstances, cultures, aspirations, successes, failures," and expectations.

To elevate performance and invent something NEW, we must resolve our past issues, NOT step over them and pretend life's 'just fine' and deny what happened. When we step over our broken promises and agreements (that means to our self and others), we lose integrity. Our whole, complete, unimpaired, and sound Self gets swallowed up by the 'racket' or noise in our head. We begin to see situations through filters. We don't see reality. We only see what the filters allow us to see!

What must we do to restore integrity - to restore our whole, complete, unimpaired, and sound self? First, acknowledge what happened and clean up the mess! If you really want to get on with your life and live it fully, examine your life, be scrupulously truthful with yourself and how you've been leading it. When you clean up the mess, quietness begins to happen. You begin to be freed up from the mind chatter able to create from the present moment of no-thingness where all creation begins.

Try it and see what happens.

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