Allow Your Body to Speak

Allow Your Body to Speak

To move out from the emotional experience you are in, you must first move through the emotional experience, not hurdle over it. Hurdling means to reason or intellectualize. Hurdling means, rather than experience the emotion, you manage to project it outward onto something or someone else instead of feeling and looking within. Hurdling means, you're talking about it rather than being in it. In order to move out of the emotional experience, you must be in it and experience it fully, meaning, moving through it.

If you jump over it, and you don't allow your body to speak to you, life will guarantee you another go around, just a different scene with different people but the same lesson. If you don't allow your body to speak, these emotions stay buried deep within dictating your behaviour and your actions today.

When you bury the emotional experience, the emotions lives within the cells of your body and your subconscious, therefore, you attract all those things from that particular perspective. You also do things from that perspective without even realizing it.

Amazing, isn't it, how your mind and body work. To live with good health, happiness, freedom from the chaos in your head, and anxiety, allow your body to speak freely without constraints. Allow your body to express itself fully!

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