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Are We Too Busy to Enjoy Life?

Are We Too Busy to Enjoy Life

"Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!" 
~Ram Dass

Synchronicity is everywhere. It's happening all around you. Have you been divinely connected noticing what messages are in front of you to lead you exactly to your divine right place?

I've noticed more synchronicity in my life than ever before, and to be honest, it's the most wonderful, goose-pimpley feeling you can get. Many times, I ignored them, hurrying to my next project, appointment, or task at hand. That was the past. Today, I've learned to listen more intently. Just when you least expect it, or just in the nick of time when you feel discouraged, exhausted, or confused here comes another message or messages shedding light on what you're not paying attention to. Receiving these so-called coincidental events are such a blessing. It's life speaking to you, showing you exactly what needs to be done next!

I will be back in University in January, and I was wanting to finalize some last minute projects, organizing my time for next year. I needed to simplify by elimination. Well, I was doing that, sort of. Time and time again, I found myself wrapped up in something new consuming a lot of my energy feeling scattered, and with little peace of mind.

Literally, I was slammed with synchronicity halting me in my tracks. Obviously, I was not paying attention. Well...I was and I wasn't. I thought I was doing enough to simplify by eliminating things on my agenda preparing for January. The universe thought different. The furnace broke down. I had to decorate two Christmas trees (decorated one, it died, un-decorated, and decorated the second one). The power went out for hours. Parked in the school lot, I was hit by a car. Garburator got plugged. Unexpected root canal had to happen. It went on and on. Events that never happened before consumed me within a three to four week period. It was almost insane. Literally, it was ridiculous, and yet so funny at the same time.

I remember throwing up my arms saying "I give up." "What do you want me to do?" The answer was "Listen!" "You know what to do." Finally, I picked up the phone and made some calls, terminating projects, canceling social networking events and gatherings, and the such. As I was doing this, it was so freeing. I continued to laugh at how stubborn I really was.

My time now, is to reflect and to listen. To bake and share the sweet goodness with others. To slow down, and be completely present to my Self, my family, and my friends. Not to take on any new projects. To serve my clients, and the subscribers I have currently. To do some simple changes, and to let others really get to know who I really am. To share myself and my love more intently. I am so glad I gave up my stubbornness, and let go.

Is there anything you are not paying attention to that is in your face? I just want to let you know how freeing it feels to let go and listen to life. What is your life trying to tell you? Life is speaking to you right now. Shhh...listen!

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