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Procrastination Sucks the Life Out of You

Procrastination Sucks the Life Out of You

What are you putting off to tomorrow that can be done today? I know you've been asked this question many times over, and, I could hear your voice echoing, "yeh, yeh, yeh, but..." But, really, when will you do the things you really want to do today rather than put them off until tomorrow?
  • When the kid(s) graduate.
  • When I lose 30 pounds.
  • When I'm retired.
  • When I feel better.
  • When the snow melts.
  • When the snow falls.
  • When I finish my undergraduate degree.
  • When I get certified.
  • When I meet the 'right' coach.
  • When I have enough money.
  • When I move back home.
  • Blah, blah, blah, but...when?
I don't know what it may be for you, at this moment, that is putting you off from doing the things you want to do in life. And, even you may not know what they are. However, you have a choice. You have a choice to be restrained by these reins that are holding you back (usually called beliefs), or to uncover them, face them, loosen them, and move beyond them.

The thing is sometimes we don't even know we're stuck in a limiting belief until someone points it out for us. That's the scary part. Years can go by without us consciously realizing what is holding us back. Most of us don't want to hear it, either. We say we want to change. We want to have a better life. We want to do things differently. We want to have better relationships with our children and partners, but do we? We want less mental fatigue and more emotional well-being, but do we...really? We talk a lot about it but when we're called to action, we come with a sack full of excuses or unconscious limiting beliefs that no one has ever challenged us on.

My job as a coach and a counsellor is to challenge you. Are you ready and willing to listen and hear your story from someone that looks at it in an objective yet empathic manner? Coaching and counselling is not for the light-hearted. Coaching and counselling opens up a doorway that exposes you to who are being today. Coaching and counselling is for the courageous. The courageous ones that want to and are completely willing to look at the position they currently take in life now, and then move beyond it.

What position do you want to take in life? Do you want to fall back to old limiting patterns that don't serve you anymore, or stay stuck and comforted by mean-well friends and family? I have nothing against loving family and friends that mean well. But, that's the thing, they mean well and their mean well advice doesn't necessarily support us in our wholeness and our growth.

What are you putting off to tomorrow that can begin today?
  • Telling your son or daughter that you love them.
  • Giving your children a hug, support and encouragement, rather than advice and tall tales.
  • Changing career directions.
  • Changing your undergraduate degree.
  • Ending a relationship.
  • Talking straight in a relationship.
  • Resolving past traumatic emotions.
  • Traveling the world.
  • Donating your time.
  • Losing 10 pounds.
  • Giving up sugar.
  • Giving up smoking.
  • Hiring a coach.
  • Healing abusive memories.
  • Learning to express yourself in a healthy way.
The list is endless. What is it for you? Fact... we'll all die... eventually. That day can be tomorrow. That day can be in one year. What do you want to do today? How do you want to be remembered? What are you putting off to tomorrow that can begin today? Who's running your life, you or your excuses/beliefs?

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  1. Thank you for this posting. My soul and mind resonate with its messages. I am still in the process of healing from this. I feel stronger and more empowered each time I am led to writings like this. I appreciate your gift.


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