The Most Powerful Tool to Support Others


Wake Up to Live with Desiree Leigh

When was the last time you acknowledged or validated others? Or, acknowledged or validated you? To acknowledge something or someone means to recognize as being valid or true.  For example: when your son rides his bicycle without falling, you acknowledge this truth to him; when your employee arrives on time for one week, you recognize this and let him/her know; and, when your client is courageous in an action, you confirm this with her/him.  The odd fact is, though, many of us seem to implicitly believe that acknowledging is not important; thus, it is taken for granted that others already know what they do well or where their strengths lie.  Nonetheless, even if others know their truths, doesn’t it feel better to have someone recognize and validate it?  Of course it does.
With my experiences in coaching women clients, I believe many individuals have not experienced a huge amount of encouragement or acknowledgment growing up, and, in the end, it doesn't come natural to do it for others or ourselves.  As a result, this leaves us neither knowing how to give nor receive a simple yet powerful tool that will support others and ourselves for miles of trials.

A few examples to show how acknowledging can support others:
  • Having someone endorse you when you are afraid to forge ahead; 
  • Focusing on your strengths when all you see are your weaknesses; 
  • Wanting a better way for you when you find it hopeless; 
  • Holding your vision high when you are down; 
  • Recognizing your talents and accomplishments when you are blind to see them.
Acknowledgement is one of the most powerful tools to begin gaining trust within one’s self and to move someone into action.  It is a way to solidify what you know but haven’t really confirmed with yourself.  A simple acknowledgement is a way to bring out the best in others. It is a way to shed the light so they can see their true and unlimited potential.  Acknowledging is a powerful technique to give someone strength and courage through their, sometimes very fearful, endeavours.

Additionally, toddler hears the word no an astonishing 400 times a day.  Besides the no word, many children and teens, right up until adulthood and beyond, are scolded, belittled, and even mocked.  As an Acknowledger, you strengthen someone’s inner-worth.  Acknowledging is a precious and invaluable gift to acquire and give freely to others. There is not enough gold or diamonds on this planet that will bring that sense of empowerment, warmth, and love to someone's heart as they grow into acceptance towards this gift and their own strengths.

Don't wait.  Begin acknowledging someone you love today for their strengths, talents, emotions, attributes, skills, and everything else in-between.  Be genuine in your acknowledgements and they will go far.

"You get the best effort from others 
not by lighting a fire beneath them, 
but by building a fire within" 
[Bob Nelson].
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