Your Voice Matters

Self-expression keeps us healthy.  The fact is, though, some women have not been given justice to live with self-expression, and, in the end, they have lost their individuality as a powerful woman.  Living in an oppressive environment, children and women are forcefully pushed down and silenced.  This behavior, then, becomes them.  They continue to protect themselves by keeping quiet, and, of course, in extreme situations, this is important.  As a result of not expressing their needs and desires, though, their vibrancy for life dies. Their messages get diluted and distorted by not conveying them at all, or eventually over-reacting, or resolving to self-destructive or passive behaviors.

 The expression of one's individuality is a human right.  When you express your individuality fully, you are actually treating yourself with self-respect, self-love, and self-acceptance.  This is extreme self-care. Further, I've come to realize that moving through the difficulties of life is about how much elasticity you are willing to give yourself. Making it through the extremes of life is not about ignoring the emotional or mental challenges. It is about having the ability and strength to return to integrity by fully expressing your individuality, and, at the same time, cultivating your inner-richness and beauty of being a powerful and free woman.

 Holistic healing is about reclaiming your integrity to let self-love spontaneously arise. You don't need a plan of action to start. To move through life's chaos, you need to dig deep and grab onto every ounce of determination and perseverance and know that life can be better. As difficult as it may feel to express yourself fully, you can decide to take action to heal your life today.

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