Profoundly Present to Life's All

Profoundly Present to Life's All

by Desiree Leigh, Wake Up to Live

Driving on Georgia Street in Vancouver to visit a friend across town, I was injected divinely through the heart understanding my humanness. I felt surges of various feelings showering me every few seconds, dissolving as quickly as they came, as I drove towards Burrard Street. The feelings of being swayed hither and thither felt like I was being played in a pinball machine. I being the ball, very conscious and present of these hits of feelings piercing through my body.

The surges of different feelings are part of life and part of being a sentient being. They can take us for a ride either down hill or up. We have the choice on the direction, and how long we want to be with them. Experiencing these feelings, the complete presence of them, and understanding how they come and go so quickly doesn't always make the process of moving through them easy.

As I drive, I'm happy, smiling, and enjoying the scenery of the bay and the morning sun. I look to the left and see a homeless person sleeping on the cold concrete, huddled under a thin blanket and under a door way leading to an apartment building. My heart sinks with sadness. I look to the right and see a flower shop owner opening up shop, one hand with a plant to hang out side and another hand full of seed spreading them on the ground to feed the pigeons. My heart elevates to joy. I look back to the left, a few blocks up, and notice a young boy, I'd say about 19 or 20, fidgeting, twitching, assuming on street drugs, looking intently at the ground for something as he was walking. My heart sinks to emptiness and loss. I turn around the corner onto another street aligned with beautiful trees with their leaves glistening from the morning sun. My heart fills with gratitude. Back and forth my feelings fluctuate profoundly present to life's all.

How often are you aware of your feelings? Only when you're happy or when you're sad? Do you carry the mornings traffic jam with you all day or do you move past it and observe and see what's next? The more you are aware of this god-given gift, the more you'll be able to move beyond the hurdles in life. The more you are aware of your feelings, the more you'll be able to be present to them all and move through them to another. This is a sure way not to get stuck and to experience life to it's fullest.

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  1. Ahhhhh....yes. I was so needing to hear this today. Thankyou, Desiree.x

  2. Natalie, I am so happy that you heard this message today, too. xo


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