New Beginnings Can Be Found All Around Us

New Beginnings

New beginnings, what does this mean?  

Every morning I wake up, I hear my breathe, my eyes open, and I see my surroundings; that symbolizes a new beginning. When I make a pot of coffee, and watch the water drops drip out of the peculator; that is a new beginning.  It is not the coffee I had yesterday; it's not the same water I had yesterday.  The drops from the peculator are new to the day. This symbolic analogy may mean nothing to someone else, but in my mind, I can see new beginnings all around me.

New beginnings all around us.

The cherry blossoms in the spring time. The sprouting of a seedling.  The sun rising over the mountains. The birth of a baby child. A robins eggs. The caterpillar emerging from its cocoon. The bud of a flower that finally blossoms. The daily shedding of skin cells. The growth of new leaves on a birch tree. Even the new growth of hair on my head.  

Being receptive.

Being receptive to the new beginnings all around me, somehow makes me look at life in a new perspective. What I experienced in my past--whether it was yesterday or ten years from today, I can take it with me and carry it all day and into my future, or I can stay in the present, see the new beginnings each day, and know that I have the efficacy to create life.

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