Why Are You So Afraid to Take Action?

What Happens If You Don't Take Action

Passion isn't enough.

Many of us have a passion lurking inside, but that passion needs to move into action.  Passion is great, however passion is not enough.  It's the same analogy as having a great idea.  We ALL have great ideas, but if that idea remains in the mind, nothing happens.  We need to take our passion and our ideas and move into action to see results.

What holds us back from taking action?

Fear is the reason we don't take action and it comes in many forms such as indecision, doubt, stress, procrastination, and nervousness. It's not that we are lazy.  We are afraid to fail; we are afraid to succeed; we are afraid to be seen as anything less than the person we compare ourselves with.

Make a promise.

When you make a promise to do something for someone, do you stand by your word?  Most times we do for others, but somehow we tend to neglect ourselves.  Is this like you?  I know it has been me many times.  It is time to make a solemn promise to yourself and take action to create your passion and to transform your idea into something tangible.

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