Never Stop Striving to Do What You Were Meant to Do

Never Stop Striving to Do What You Were Meant to Do

Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your hear you were meant to do.

There are many of us that did not learn how to connect with our heart as a child, especially the ones that have been abused repeatedly, molested,  raped, or neglected.  Many of us closed our hearts.

As we grew older, we realized something was missing in our lives.  Somehow we weren't connected to others and life in general.  We didn't know how to feel.  We didn't know how to express.  We lived a life of deadness and blank.  We were outsiders looking in upon other people's lives.

As we grew older, we desired to know what it would be like to live . . . to feel . . . to experience . . . and to know.  We desired to be alive.  We had seen it around us, the smiles, the laughter, the love, and the friendship; but we didn't know how to get there.

Nevertheless, as we grow, as long as we desire and believe, life will find us a way to know the heart.  Though, you must desire as much as you want to be alive - as much as you want to breath - and know it is possible.

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