Love and Justice for All Including Our Children

Love and Justice

"Justice denied anywhere diminished justice everywhere." Martin Luther King

I am fed up of listening to the condescending comments to 'be happy today and forget yesterday.'  Or  to broadly say that 'there is light at the end of the tunnel.'   Or that 'we all have a past, so just deal with it.' These patronizing comments to a survivor of childhood abuse, rape, incest, and molestation are useless.  These individuals that so broadly comment like this don't have a stand for anything or are too fearful to stand for anything.  If we don't see what we are doing wrong to these abused children by looking at their experiences from the past and who did what, how can we expect to improve the future? 

Our children have one childhood.  Allow them the right to feel joy and to receive respect, emotional care, and patience.  It is their 'human right' to get it.  It is not their destiny, their fate, their thought-process, their behavior, or God's will for them to be treated like dirt.  It is our, OUR, responsibility and God's will, OUR responsibility as adults and believers in a new way - an enlightened way - to do something about injustice and to create a blanket of love for these children - all children!

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