Stupid Things People Say Not to Report Child Abuse

Stupid things people say not to report child abuse:
sexual, physical, and psychological.

  1. My grandfather (or whomever) may have to go to jail.
  2. He/she is too old/young to be prosecuted.  You will ruin his/her life.
  3. Can you imagine what could happen to him/her if he/she had to go to jail?
  4. Just let it go. Quit living in the past.
  5. They aren't my kids, so it's not my responsibility.
  6. Keep me out of it!
  7. Well, she/he must have done something to get that treatment.
  8. It was so long ago; just forget about it.
  9. Don't tell me the gory details.  Leave me out of it.
  10. Every child has to go through tough times.
  11. A little slap or two won't hurt.
  12. Reporting this will destroy our family (as if it hasn't already).
  13. Nobody needs to know.
  14. But he/she didn't do it to me; therefore, he/she couldn't have done it to you.
  15. Don't stress.  Don't hurt mother and/or father.  It will devastate her and/or him if you talk about it.  Keep quiet.
  16. My all time favorite (sarcastically speaking): It was nothing!
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