What Are You Emotionally Focusing On

What Are You Emotionally Focused On?

It is important to know what you don't want, but it is most important to know what you do want.  To find out what you want, it's good to eliminate what you know you don't want. This is a way to clarify what you do want.  What happens to many of us, however, is that we continue to focus on what we don't want.  I believe that we (society) learned to do this habit for generations, and, as you my already realize, when a pattern is instilled for many generations, in order to change it, it takes constant and diligent reflection or conscious awareness.

Take a look at what you are focusing on.  Is it what you want or is it what you don't want?  If you are focusing your emotional energy on what you don't want, most likely that will come in to play in your life.  As well, focusing on what you don't want clouds the ability to see what you do want.

Remember how emotions work; psychology research tells us so.  When we attach strong emotion to a thought, those memories--those thoughts, are always at the forefront.  We never forget them!  So, why not attach strong, positive, and passionate emotion to what you do want.  Events and circumstances in life will then present themselves in such a manner, because the strong, positive, and passionate emotions have attached themselves to those desired thoughts, to achieve your destined goal.

Life is not always this simple and complete, nonetheless.  When things--situations--come your way that are unexpected, unpleasant, or unwanted, remember to breath and let those feelings, emotions, and body sensations pass because, once again, we are talking about emotions, and if you let those emotions heighten uncontrollably, the unwanted circumstances always seem to remain longer and/or morph into something greater.

It is also important to remember that achieving goals is never a straight line because we are not perfect or uniform in our desires.  We are human.  We are always changing, morphing into something new.  So be flexible and adjust your desires accordingly when needed by continued reflection.

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