Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing.  Do you have a circumstance in your life that you know in your heart that if you leave it is the right thing to do, but you also know that it will be the hardest thing you have ever done?  I can think of a few myself where I didn't do the right thing for some time.  Being in violent relationships: allowing myself to be abused while my children watched and allowing family members to abuse me while I stayed silent since I was a child.  It is not easy, and it may take years before you can take that step to do the right thing, but if that is on your mind regularly, it is bound to change.

Things you can do to build strength from within.

1. Reach out to friends, neighbors, motivational seminars, and self-help type lectures (without disclosing anything to anyone because you might not be ready to do this) or reaching out 'and' asking for support and guidance.

2. Call a counsellor or therapist for yourself.  Interview a few before you make a commitment.  My psychotherapist, a few years back, stated quite clearly to me that there are good counsellors and there are bad one's.  I,too, have come across some pretty shady one's that would more likely hurt than help. Don't give up. Even in the worst conditions, it is possible to keep an outlook that things can and will change.

3. Do you know a lawyer or a friend that knows a lawyer? Get some legal advice.  I can tell you that there are good lawyers and bad lawyers.  For some reason, I came across the bad one's giving outrageous advice!  Be cautious and be courageous. Just because these lawyers have a degree, it doesn't mean they all have your well-being in mind and give you the best advice.  They all grew up with their own issues.

4. If there is a drug or alcohol abuse issue involved in the relationship, who needs the support?  This, for sure, needs to be addressed immediately for anything to change!

5. Keep at it. Walk, meditate, journal, read great books-just don't take them as absolute, or pray, for example. Do what you need to do in those moments.

Remember, too, that sometimes within that relationship things change.  Amazing things are possible!

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